Headlines for August 11th

Makers of virtual reality systems confess that prolonged use of VR can cause nausea and vomiting, that can only be relieved by a 30 minute to one hour nap. That’s great, they’re already simulating my work day.

These same makers say that this nausea can be compared to the nausea you feel after riding a thrill ride at an Orlando theme park. That’s probably true. Now they just need a way to simulate the nausea you get from the admission price you paid, and then the nausea you feel when you venture away from the theme parks and realize, “Oh God, I’m in Florida??”

Israel and Hamas have agreed to another cease fire until an official explained that the key part of the cease fire is actually ceasing attacking the other side. At that point, the cease fire broke down.

As the aerial attacks continued, President Obama called for Iraq to form a legitimate govt, if they wished the assistance to continue, to which the Iraqi govt replied “you first”

In 1981, based on oil production and reserves then, scientists predicted there was only 53 years of fuel left. But increasing production and lower use has changed that estimate today as being between 53 and 250 additional years from today. That’s perfect because between 53 and 250 additional years is the amount of additional time it will take me to cost-justify purchasing a Prius.

The latest “Hipster Hobby” appears to be taxidermy. Hipsters are buying do-it-yourself kits and stuffing & mounting anything and everything they can get their hands on. It’s hipster women who are more drawn to this, and specifically they are doing fantasy taxidermy where mice and wings are stitched together, or snakes with feet from another animal. Here’s an idea for a fantasy animal: a hipster who doesn’t creep me out.

In Houston, a mom and her children were kicked out of a pizza restaurant when she changed her child’s diaper at a table. That’s gross. In what was at first thought of as a copycat crime, a mom was nearly kicked out of an Arby’s for doing the same thing. They stopped when they realized she was just unwrapping an Arby’s beef and cheese sandwich.


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