August 14 Headlines

In Ireland, a commercial airline made a hard landing after the pilots artificial arm fell off during final approach.  The co-pilot can be heard on the transcript offering, “you need a hand, there, sir?”

Despite the co-pilots repeated offers of help, the pilot obviously preferred to keep the co-pilot at arms length.

I mean, this pilot could not be less interested in speaking to his co-pilot.  He went as far as to literally offer him the cold shoulder.

There was a bit of a tussle before the landing, but the co-pilot backed off, not wishing to attach an unarmed man.

A Northeast Ohio teen was charged after a video showing him kicking a cat went viral.  When asked, the cat remarked, “that guy’s the real pussy”

Did you hear about the new app called Parenthoods? It’s a social media platform that allows new parents to discuss parenting, interact with each other, post comments. It addresses the worst part of parenting, which is spending any time with your kids.

There’s a new platform for toddlers to share ideas about bedwetting and learning how to speak. It’s called “Please Love Me”

Speaking of toddlers, there’s also a new ankle bracelet that can be put on your toddler to warn you if they’re near a dangerous place like a staircase, or if the temperature in the room while they’re napping is too high. Warn about a staircase? Heck, my parents didn’t need that. They new I was near a staircase when they heard the clonk-clonking of my head bouncing down the stairs followed by shrieks of pain.

Did you hear about the boy who hid in a WalMart for two days after running away from home? Previously he had run away and hidden in abandoned houses and out in the wilderness. His parents were glad he was returned and could go back to hiding in safer places than a WalMart.

That’s the first time Walmart has returned something to a customer.


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