August 19th Headlines

After a break from writing headlines jokes, I have returned. I’m also going to start writing an outline for a short story.  When that happens, feedback would be most appreciated and desired.  And so here we go…

Atlantic City is slowing losing its casinos.  Some are being converted to shopping and entertainment venues.  Others, like Trump Plaza will probably be torn down as the building is worth less than the ground its built on.  Which is the opposite situation with Trump’s hair.

Did you hear about this? Dollar Tree and Dollar General are in a bidding war for Family Dollar.  It got pretty tense when the bidding reached 99 cents.

Did you hear that Rick Perry was recently indicted for using illegal coercion to remove an attorney he didn’t like. In his defense he gave two reasons for doing this, the first was he felt she was not qualified for her job, the second, eh… the second was….ooops.


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