August 22nd Headlines

Cleveland brown Johnny Manziel is allegedly going to be fined for flipping a bird at the Redskins bench after their loss. At 7 for 16 and 65 yards, and losing the starting position to Brian Hoyer, I’d suggest he spend more time flipping the ball accurately to his receivers.

Rapper Ludacris has agreed to be the one to answer tweets during the Rising Star talent show. The Rapper has received upwards of 9 million tweets to date. Why that’s just …

By 2020, 13 countries will be ‘super aged’ with 20% of residents over aged 65. That’s splendid said the sherbet, medic alert and Bob Evans industries.

Younger residents of these countries can expect a significant increase in ‘get off my lawn’ rhetoric followed by ‘back in my day’ stories upsurge.

Paul Ryan gleefully dumped ice water on former presidential candidate mitt Romney as part of the ice bucket ALS challenge. Romney said it was eerily similar to how his house staff bathes him each morning.


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