Headlines September 2nd

A series of lines scratched into a cave wall in Europe were attributed to Neanderthals, showing perhaps they were more creative than initially thought. The lines appear to be similar to Apple’s first attempts at maps.

Netflix has introduced a more personal way to share which movies you’re watching and your ratings of them because it found most people did not want to share their habits with a larger audience. That’s right, if I don’t want to share with the world what movie I’m watching at 2am alone, I’m sure to want to share that with my mom.

Did you hear about this? Three flights made unscheduled landings due to arguments that broke out regarding people reclining their seats into the faces of people behind them. That makes sense because it’s so much more fun to land at the wrong airport and have to deplane, taking all your things with you, and then get back on board, and re-stow your luggage – than it is simply not to recline your seat that far.

With these anger outbursts on airline flights, American has lead the way with an innovative new seating category. Now for $25 you can purchase a ‘non-brawling’ seat.

The British Queen says she’s not a fan of selfies or even cell phone pictures at all. She said she prefers we all would return to the good ol’ days of having portraits painted of each other.

Cornell researchers have found that people eat more food when watching exciting action packed movies. That’s true! I nearly starved to death watching Transformers: Age of Extinction.


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