September 15 Headlines

GOP Congressman Steve Southerland of Florida recently threw a “men’s only” fundraising event. And while this initially seemed offensive to women, upon further investigation, it turned out to be a “jackasses only”.

Urban Outfitters has pulled from its online site a Kent State college sweatshirt with what appeared look like blood stains on it. I’m looking for an Urban Outfitters shirt showing an Urban Outfitters store, with a “closed” logo on it. Now that I’d buy.

US regulators are investigating reports of Ford Fiesta doors not latching properly. That’s funny because I thought velcro was pretty fool proof.

– it’s not a defect, it’s so drivers can easily leap out of a potential deadly car accident with, well, any other object.

– why do they need to fix it? Can’t the driver just hang their arm out of the window, across the door and grip the bottom of the car?

By now you’ve heard that U2 provided their album on iTunes for free. And Apple had it set to push automatically down to your device. That’s where their name came from, you know. You: “Hey, I was forced to listen to that crappy album” Friend: “You too?”

Kira Kazsentsev, Miss New York, and the newest Miss America, was criticized for her performance of Pharrell Williams’ Happy using only a red Solo cup. Honestly though, that was probably the smallest cup ever donned by any Miss America.


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