September 16 Headlines

Iran has indicated they too do not support the despicable actions of the Middle East invaders and thus had to decline assisting the US in airstrikes.

Apple announced that U2’s album, pushed for free to iTunes, had been accessed 33 million times. Let me repeat, U2’s album was deleted from users’ Itunes accounts 33 million times.

Apple just released a tool that will remove the latest U2 album from your devices and iTunes. The tool is called being called “iHaveGoodTaste”

A tractor trailer in Idaho carrying cattle overturned resulting in the death of over 100 head of cattle, or as we like to say, the cattle were “hamburgered”.

The Business Roundtable reported Tuesday that CEO’s were less optimistic about hiring and spending. But on the other hand, they were really optimistic that being a CEO was super fantastic.

IKEA is recalling its Gunggung fabric swing as the hooks could break, causing a rider to fall and become injury. Reports show that four children have been injured so far, and no telling how many thousands of Gungans have been injured. “Meesah breakah leg ouchy!”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is calling Obama a “science denier” given how Obama has stalled the Keystone Pipeline and not aggressively pursued oil and gas production increases. When Jindal was asked whether he was concerned about scientists reports over climate change being linked to fossil fuel usage, he added scientists to his list of science deniers.


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