September 23rd Headlines

Miss America Kira Kazantsev supposedly was kicked out of her sorority while at college for suggesting in an email that new candidates should be “sacred” as part of a hazing process. I wonder if she was thinking that scary meant having to watch her clomp a red solo cup to an overplayed pop song?

A Los Angeles attorney was suspended for six months when she did not take down doctored photos from her website showing her with Hillary Clinton, President Obama, George Clooney and other celebrities. He she filed a rambling reply that was signed “Matlock”.

The depleted Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team has resigned retired defensive player James Harrison, once voted the dirtiest player in the league, soon to be voted the sleepiest player.

Harrison will be intimidating to NFL offenses as he sits in the backfield, shouting “you kids get off my simulated-grass unless you want me to take that ball away from you!”

If this becomes a trend, you’ll be seeing a lot of teams being forced to call a “nature break time-out”

The US bombed the Khorasan group in Syria with officials saying that while the group was not related to ISIS, they appeared “close” to attacking the US. Al Qaeda proactively released a statement that they were not even thinking about the US, and you rarely hear “death to America” anymore.

Longtime technology guru Ray Ozzie will be releasing an iPhone app that allows you to send small snippets of voice messages, with the hope that this will replace text messages. Ozzie thinks that sending voice messages is a lot more personal than the mechanical aspects of sending plain text. I’m hoping someday we’ll have an app that allows you to speak to someone with your own voice, have it delivered immediately and allow that person to respond immediately by voice, in some sort of back and forth digital conversation. Some day.

The govt has hired so called “white hat” hackers to try to break into the Obamacare health web site. And while these white hat hackers have not gained access to private information, they WERE able to sign up for a pretty decent health plan without changing doctors.


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