Headlines November 10th

Back after a work and life keeps me too busy to do this!

After a devastating election for the Dems, Obama heads to China to try to improve relations. He already received a text from Chinese president Xi: “Better Red than Fed… #commufirst!

In honor of the US, and the wins by the GOP especially Mitch McConnell, China has declared this year, the “Year of the Turtle”.

Obama quickly ran into president Putin but, according to sources they did not have time to discuss any issues. Putin however did manage to disrobe from his shirt as he walked by Obama.

On Monday, the US postal service was hacked. Nothing to worry about though. Next day deliveries will still go out on Thursday as usual.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe awkwardly shook hands at their first meeting on Monday. President Xi turned away despite Abe apparently making an attempt to smile and speak. Reminds me of my handshake with my father in law at my wedding. Hope this bodes better for these two countries.

A Kentucky museum dedicated to Corvettes, which had a sink hole open up and swallow up a handful of them, is now filling in the sink hole. Plans are to build a large wishing well over the sink hole. That way patrons can experience buying a corvette, by dumping their money in a big hole, wishing they were younger and having it not come true.


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