A Ridiculous July 2015

Good Lord – did you ever have one of those month’s that is just brutal?  I ask rhetorically because I know you have.  Just work and stress and pressure to the point where you find it hard to get motivated to do the things that you like to do, like writing, playing music, exercising.   I’m not talking a depressive state that you’re too down to do these things, just sheer physical exhaustion.

Tack onto that three trips out of town, a 10-day cold sickness that I’m still recovering from, eating poorly while on said business trips which results in weight gains.. and then working late enough so all I feel like doing when I get home is plop in front of the TV until I go to bed.

Well, I’m trying to turn this around this week, with a major birthday tomorrow, a few band gigs coming up, and hopefully some improvements at work – and maybe do a little exercise.

I don’t have a lot of followers on this blog, but that’s okay.  I’m writing because I enjoy it.  I watch movies and take note of what works and doesn’t work in the hopes one day I can crank out something that’s interesting and entertaining.  I’d also like to write an original song, that may make it out on this blog some day.

I enjoy reading some of the blogs that I follow, including Dan the Man, Cristian Mihai, Elan Mudrow and so on.  Great articles and notes, guys!  Keep up the good work.  I really should post supportive comments on their articles.  Alright, another goal then!

So let’s see how this goes – maybe there’s a way to recover July with only 6 days left in it!  🙂  And then, August – look out!


Give me your thoughts!

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