Monkey’s Apple Watch – Fitness Update

Quick update after a biking workout on Apple Watch.

Pairing to Chest Strap Monitor

Worked flawlessly and actually connected nearly instantly.  The Digitfit app for my iPhone 5 will often not connect, or take a few minutes to connect.  So that was great. Remember, I had to bring my iPhone but it was safely tucked away in a pouch.

Heart Rate Monitoring

I then went  into the Fitness app on my Apple Watch and set a calorie goal (500 calories) and selected “Start Workout”.  During the bike ride it trackedHealthAppleWatch my heart rate, distance traveled, elapsed time and speed.  Who knows if the heart rate was accurate but it looked it based on previously recorded rates.  The first mile and then every 5 miles it haptically sent a reminder to me.

During the ride, as you’d might expect, tilting your wrist to your face shows you your current metric.  Swiping left or right with your finger switches to another metric.  I did not see a “auto-swipe” feature but maybe I have to research that.  It shows you the last metric you viewed.

I ended the workout and it gave me a summary, including allowing me to save it for future reference.

Sharing the Results

There doesn’t appear to be an obvious way to send the calorie burn to MyFitnessPal or DigitFit.  There a couple of places you can indicate that Apple Health should share with MyFitnessPal and vice versa, but the sharing did not seem to occur.  I’ll have to keep playing with the settings and researching.


Very nice.  Much nicer to glance at my wrist (which lights automatically when I rotated my wrist) and check the current time (which is always displayed) and being able to see any metric at a glance.  While riding I was alerted to a text message (work never ends), pulled off the trail and responded right away using Siri.  Nice!

I understand that Apple has closed off the fitness monitors to third party apps at this time.  When they ultimately provide access,  I think there’ll be some amazing stuff for the Watch.


Give me your thoughts!

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