Preview of Coming Attractions

Life has been busy – which can be a good and bad thing.  On the good side, it means that life has been interesting and engaging.  On the bad side it means that I’m glossing past opportunities to get back to some of the other things on my ‘to do’ list.

But, I’ve been making mental notes about what I want to write about.  Now I’ve committed them to paper, er, blog –

  1. Digital Mapping stinks.  The current state of online digital mapping is terrible.  Between Google and Apple maps, they still both left me unsatisfied, forcing me to make manual notes and copy down addresses.  Google outpaces Apple, but Google has its failures as well.
  2. United Wifi stinks. The worst hands-down wifi available on airlines.  They eschewed GoGo Inflight Wireless to try to rake in a few more bucks and instead deliver a service that is terrible.  A total nightmare on a 5 hour flight from Orlando to Los Angeles.  And they’re going to hear from me, with screen shots and more.
  3. Movies. Slacked off a bit on these – but recently have watched a number of good ones, including “Get On Up”, a biopic about James Brown.
  4. Headlines and Monologue Jokes. It’s gotten so I can often predict where a monologue joke is going.  Makes me want to get back to this, if only to hone some rusty skills.
  5. Apple Watch. The more I use it, the more feedback I have.
  6. Story Ideas. A have a few bouncing around and need to complete an outline that I started.  A friend of mine in Arizona just had her script picked up for a radio show out of Britain.  That’s fantastic news – and should make me complete my outlines.

Hopefully this post will remind me to get back on the horse, or “Get on Up”.


Give me your thoughts!

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