Headlines – February 1, 2016

The Iowa caucus kicks off today  but officials are worried about potential snowfall that would make an already very white state and candidates even whiter.  It could be a total white-out.

American Airlines is joining some other airlines in returning to provide snacks to coach fliers, in their case pretzels.  Pretzels, a good reminder of the our contorted bodies in coach.

Yes, airlines are adding back perks, but still unwilling to return to supplying blankets and apparently opting instead to hire hairier airline attendants.

A Moscow city official says says that employees will undergo lie-detector tests as an anti-corruption measure.  But is that true?

Russia ranks as the 119th most corrupt country in the world out of 168 in a report by the anti-graft watchdog Transparency International.  “Actually, we’re 12th”, that a same official was quoted as saying.

The Michigan Department of Water Quality has proposed a 5 part plan to determine whether Flint’s water is safe to drink.   I have a better one part plan: make officials drink the water.  Of course, it might be difficult to tell if there was any resulting brain damage.

British police have arrested a man who stole 38 cell phones at a concert and had them all hidden in his pants.  Police suspected the man when he accidentally  got wet and suddenly pointed north.

…the cell phones created a newly discovered condition called iO-ass.

A Patriots fan got a tattoo showing the SuperBowl 50 logo and declaring a Patriots win.  Now all he has to show for for the 2015 season is deflated balls.

MIT students won a competition to propose solution for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop design, involving Mentos and a lot of diet soda.

… Of course the competition for Hyper-Poop was already won by Donald Trump.

In anticipation that everyone will love their new Windows 10 platform, Microsoft has even configured it so that security updates on older versions of Windows will automatically install the new operating system.  That’s great.  In anticipation of Microsoft pushing me Windows 10, I’ve bought a Mac.


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