Oh the plans I make, such plans!  Dr. Seuss would have titled his book “Oh the Places You Won’t Go” if he had written it for me.

I plan to write this and that.  I make mental notes before I fall asleep.  I write outlines and send myself emails.  I think during the day about odd vignettes that occur and how they would transfer to a story.  But when it comes time to actually write, I find myself doing something else.  Nothing even remotely important.  The least important includes watching TV (though I love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), playing call of duty, or catching up on work.

“Work is also part two of the problem.  It’s all encompassing.  It is exhausting and when I get home in the evenings, or even on the weekends, I’m burned out.  It is not physically exhausting.  I do not do hard labor other than lift a very full coffee cup to my mouth occasionally.”

I hope to press myself into actually writing soon.  I have a nice book outline I wrote that needs some tidying.  I have an idea for a comic strip. I’ve searched for freelance opportunities and have a few options to pursue.  I contacted the creative authors for a video series on YouTube, who were interested in submissions.  I’ve made notes on some of the nonsensical management I experience at work.  In my mind, I believe I have nuggets of useful information for others, but time will tell. I even had an idea for a radio broadcast to put on YouTube that mimicked some arcane 30’s style radio shows.

Then again, I was amazed at how easily this little blurb rolled off my 
keyboard.  Hmm...

If you read this post and have suffered the same mental or physical blocks in writing, please tell me what you did to get motivated again.


One thought on “Motivation

  1. I completely relate. I’ve had relative success blocking out time, even 15 or 30 minutes once or twice a week, to focus on the creative stuff. Seems to work, when I have the energy to do it. Otherwise, it’s hello, Kimmy!

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