Facebook: Social Widget Comment Creation Block

In all my years uploading to bulletin board (BBS’s), instant messaging through AOL (AIM), posting comments and articles, I have never been blocked or reported as an abuser.  That’s over 35 years.  Not a single problem.

I don’t post derogatory things.  I don’t use foul language and don’t post epithets.  I’m in the minority because I try to post intelligent comments despite surrounded by nastiness, name calling and nonsense.

And now, in 2016, I find myself blocked.  To make matters worse, I don’t know why I was blocked, I don’t know who reported me and I don’t know when this block will be lifted, if ever.

To be clear, this is not devastating.  It’s merely irritating.  I can avoid sites that use the Facebook Social Widget for commenting.   What was really an eye-opener for me is what little recourse I have and how well Facebook, Inc. has done in blocking your ability at contacting anyone at their organization.

This block is not uncommon.  A quick Google search yields that a number of people have been blocked this way.  Some have fruitlessly posted on Facebook’s Support Page (as have I) only to receive a nondescript automatic response and no way to appeal or speak to anyone about the details.

If all this is confusing, let’s start with the basics and the actual message:

Social Widget Blocked

This is an excerpt from an NFL.com page comment section. You’ll note the ridiculous comments because the article is about the Patriots and Tom Brady.  All I typed was “test” and clicked post.  I am not allowed to post a comment.  That’s all the message tells me. I was not aware until at some point I went and posted somewhere other than Facebook  that uses this widget and this message started popping up.

Facebook has a Support function where you can search their knowledge base or post your own questions. Searching their knowledge base led me to find others with the same problem.  Some dated from years ago.  None had an answer from Facebook.

Here’s a screenshot from the support inbox showing my repeated posts for assistance.  No response.

Facebook Support Inbox.jpg

I even went as far as finding Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account and sending him messages.

FB Msg

… and guess what?  No response. Not surprised much by that.  I figure Mark isn’t really my bud.

So next I figured I’d call Facebook’s help line.  For such a large organization there must be some way to contact Facebook, no?  So I searched and came up with:

FB phone

That’s the phone number.  But it’s all automated attendant.  No matter what option you use, you cannot reach anyone and cannot leave a message.

Well so….how about LinkedIn? Yes yes!  I searched LinkedIn and found the following:

FB contact.jpg

Finally!  A human who works at Facebook. There were others, but her kind face spoke to me.  Oh Usha!

And I reached out to Usha for a connection, and…..


Wow, I thought, this is going to to do it!  I’ll message her politely and ask for assistance and hopefully will retain her as a connection.  So I sent her:


See how nice I was?  I just need some assistance – some guidance, Usha.  Please?

Well, that was 6 days ago with no response.  Oh Usha.

Facebook has been able to make itself completely inaccessible for any assistance.  You cannot speak to a person.  They will not allow it.  And they reserve the right to block you without any explanation.  It is their platform, after all.

Now, this could be because of some obscure security setting I’ve setup.  But the fact that others have had this same issues points to something else.

The only reason I’m on Facebook is that I have a hobby band (called Wills and the Ways, if you want to do me a solid and Like that page!) and honestly Facebook is the best way to share information with fans, friends and family.

The closest competitor, Google, has a support phone number.  Every other platform I reviewed had a support number.  Not Facebook.

Other organizations reply to support questions posted in their “support center”.  Not Facebook.

I’ve contacted other organizations, including ones as large as BMW, via LinkedIn in order to find a contact.  BMW responded.  Not Facebook.

I’ve read some suggestions that I could create another Facebook account using a different email, but that’s a heck of a lot of trouble.  I’d have to relink my band page to it, upload new content itself.

A classic Hobson’s choice: create a new page and lose everything or lose the ability to post comments on third party sites.

For now I’ll wait – and will post any progress I make.


15 thoughts on “Facebook: Social Widget Comment Creation Block

  1. Well, as horrifying as the description of your journey through Facebook is ( is this where customer service going on the millenial age? How are people ok with that?) it did get you another like on the band page so…silver lining? 🙂


  2. I hope you find an answer. I just tried to comment on our local paper’s page that uses the Facebook Social Widget and got the same “blocked” message. I’m a pastor and have never used foul language, derogatory comments, hate speech, etc. In fact, I was trying to comment on my own article in the local paper entitled “Loving God, Loving Others” – http://www.thetowntalk.com/story/life/2016/06/04/nathan-martin-love-god-love-others-guest-pastor/85368166/ – and I’m very frustrated that I cannot find any way to contact Facebook.

    On top of that, after getting the blocked message, I was logged out of Facebook and forced to download a malware scanner by Facebook before it would let me log back in. Perhaps I’ve added one too many Chrome extensions?


    1. Totally agree. I’m at a loss as well and frankly the inability to get in touch with anyone at FB to at least understand why is amazing. I did receive an email address for a contact at FB that I will reach out to. If I make any progress I will let you know so that you can do the same. This idea that anyone can complain about you and FB will immediately shut you down is crazy. Thanks for the comment, by the way. 🙂


  3. Hi, I just got the same thing too on this movie site I’m just getting into. I found it recently. You can watch all the movies you can free. You can even request them if they don’t have what you are looking for. You can leave comments right next to where you can request the movies at. I tried leaving another comment but that’s when I got that same message. I didn’t used no cos words ether. I might of use one word and it was damn but that was it. I don’t think I consider that as a cos word. If that is then it wouldn’t be used on commercial stations in shows but not including fx sense that’s one station that does use strong language. I comment to something this guy was talking about but also joking a little. But can’t remember what I was talking to him about sense my comment disappeared. All comments I left in fact gone. I never seen anything like that pop up before ever. On any sites I had used. I was just leaving good comments too. and Thanking the site for taken my requests. Was that wrong ? throw some cuffs on me I’m officially busted. I mean those are good compliment comments how are they bad ? Man that stuff is annoying. Widget creation blocked. Yeah right whatever that means. I supposed there’s no solutions to this problem right ? Unless like the dude said. If they lifted. Otherwise nothing doing. I guess of right now are hands are tied until that happens. Oh well. No more for say. I’m out.


      1. My story is similar to yours, although it’s been about 2 years now for me. I’ve been commenting on the Internet for over a decade and never once been blocked other than by Facebook. I do like to leave political comments, especially in response to conspiracy theorists (they fascinate me) but I am at worst just derisive. Certainly have never broken Facebook’s standards.
        I also use a random password generator to create very secure passwords. I’ve never been hacked since using it and I really doubt I was hacked this time. That said, I tried changing it but I still can’t post anywhere. I’ve opened yet another ticket, hopefully I will get my first response.

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  4. Hey Cameron – you may want to reach out the Linked In contact I show above, or the marketing email I posted as well? It’s really absurd, I agree! And I’m with you on feeling like I have to post something against conspiracy theorists. The Internet gave these folks a whole knew lease on life!


  5. “and honestly Facebook is the best way to share information with fans, friends and family.” This did it for me. If you think that, you deserve what happened to you. Facesuck or fakebook or whatever else it should be called is a satanic site controlled by security agencies and used among other things for theft of data. It also helped Trump becoming the president, what else do you need to know against it to wish it demolished and gone.


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