UPS Confesses ‘If You Don’t Completely Remove The Old Label, We’ll Ship It To The Wrong Address”

SACRAMENTO – The United Parcel Service (UPS)  today jointly released a statement with Federal Express (Fedex) advising consumers who want to return items that if you do not completely remove the original mailing label from the return box, the shipper will completely disregard the new return label that you printed and affixed to the return shipment, and instead will happily ship the box back to you.

“Our returns department will often get confused when they see two labels on your box, even if the original label only is only the tattered remains of its former self”, explained Solomon Lewis of Fedex Returns in their Sacramento breakbulk center.

According to Lewis, the consumer must remove 100% of the original shipping label for the returns department to even consider instead referring to the new, pristine return label you affixed to the box. You must remove every last bit of the original labels.

“Heck, sometimes even if you put the new return label right on top of the old one, we’ll peel it back and see if we can figure out who the original recipient was, and ship it there”, he explained.  “We’ll even use solvent to remove the black marker that you used to obscure the original address information.”

He provided the image above as an example of where the partial QR code is still visible from the original shipment and will be used instead of the more readable newly printed return label.  “Yes, we’ll even digitally recreate the missing part of original QR code and ship that sucker right back to you. You’re welcome!”


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