New York, New York…

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nicole wills

…it’s a hell of a town! I just got home from the Big Apple last night and I can’t wait another second to write about how much fun I had! New York City at Christmas is the most magical place (sorry, Disney!) and I took plenty of picturesto prove it.

Day One

We set out forthe airport at about 8:30 AM with six suitcases(we don’t travel lightly) and a desire for Starbucks. …okay, the desire for Starbucks was just mine, andit was fulfilled rightafter we got through security – iced coffee makes me a happy traveler! Our flight was on time, and we set off at about 11:00 AM for NYC.

About two and half hours later, we landed at LaGuardia Airport (the least-favorite airport of our dear President Elect, thus makingit my new favorite airport). We took an Uberfrom the airport to our hotel in Midtown, and driving through…

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