The Return of The Monkey

The Monkey, having taken a sabbatical in Niue,  is acutely rested for a 2017 return to business.  Frankly, 2016 began to take quite a toll on this simian, and the solitude of being on a relatively deserted polynesianal placid island was recuperative.


During my down time, which was nearly constant, except for the occasional coconut harvest and driving away turtle-sized crabs from my dormitory, I found time to work on a parallel project that will be disclosed in a future post. I cannot provide details at this point, but I can say confidently, without the use of hyperbole, that it will forever change the path forward for the human (and ape) race.

I didn’t have any companionship, save for Sammy the Sloth (pictured below).  That was pretty much his pose the entire time I was on Niue.

“Good listener, though.”

Sammy, slothing around


Turns out he’s a Colts fan as well, so we shared our disappoinment.  Sammy has relatives at the Indianapolis Zoo that seem pretty midwest-normal.

[deep breath]

And so with this re-introduction, I’ll get back to my writing.  I’d like to quietly thank an Arizona-based monkey-type who continues to press me to write.  It’s working, I fear.



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