Apple’s 2017 World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) June 5th – 9th : Quick Takes

I am the lucky recipient of the opportunity to participate in 2017’s WWDC.  I have never been to this conference and am thrilled to be part of the show.  It was recently moved to San Jose from San Francisco and officially starts at 1pm Monday, 6/5 with the famous Apple CEO’s Tim Cook keynote speech (made originally famous of course by Steve Jobs).

My plan is to post nightly updates on my experiences at the conference.  If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to post them below.

About Me:

I have been writing applications since my first Atari-800 and the Deep Blue C software. At age 15, my mother purchased a Burroughs Mini Computer with a paper-tape interface!

Currently I work for AAA and lead a software development team that created the first custom (optional) software that was selected for use by the entire AAA Association.  It is the software that delivers Road Service to the 56M AAA members and is used in the US and Canada (CAA). This included designing, coding and implementing the original version of the software (along with a contractor who wrote the back-end) myself.  Over the source of my 23 years at AAA, I’ve assembled a team of amazing developers, UX/UI, deployment, business analysts, product managers and technology experts.

I am also an iOS developer, with both professional development experience and personal experience (I’m wrapping up development of an iOS app for performers).  I taught myself Swift in 6 months and wrote both the front end and back-end, hosted on Amazon AWS EC2.  I have a business partner who worked on the User Experience and Marketing.

I have installed Apple HomeKit and have been documenting the ups and down of that process so that I may post an article about it here.


Give me your thoughts!

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