Top Ten Warning Signs That Your Job is Killing You

Let’s get right to it!

  1. You look forward to the weekend so that you canĀ catch up on work.

  2. Someone tells you “Thank God It’s Friday” and you agree, but then think to yourself, “But Monday is just around the corner…”

  3. Sunday afternoon you start getting anxiety about work Monday morning.

  4. After a full week of work, you realize all you really accomplished was answer and send emails.

  5. You have more than two days at work where your calendar is just meetings all day.

  6. Co-workers have to plead with you to schedule meetings at lunch time becauseĀ there’s just no other time available.

  7. You have to schedule a meeting very soon and then realize the first available time is three weeks from now.

  8. You take time off and spend each night responding to email.

  9. You eat at your desk at least two days per week so that you can catch up on work.

  10. You’ve not been to any personal or technical training in years.

Please send me any others that you might have experienced -!


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