In 2017, on 12/12 at around 12 noon, I found myself suddenly unemployed after 23 years of dedicated service to a single organization.  Since then, I have been gearing up for a job search.  The enjoyment of not having to work is now juxtaposed with the worry that I will need to eventually find employment.

I’m keeping copious notes and once I have found a place to land (or perhaps a vocation, since I may not land in one place), I will publish my experiences here in hopes of helping others find success as I will (did).

The process is far different than it was 23 years ago, trust me.  And it’s not intuitive.  And if you’re over 40 (guilty, your honor), it’s even more challenging.

My background is IT leadership, innovation, product development.  I designed and built software by assembling a team of highly effective technicians and supporting roles.  I also did the marketing and sales for the products developed, demonstrations and financial analysis.

Keep checking back…  in the meantime, I’m publishing some articles I wrote for another publication and this is me, below, earlier in December 2017.





3 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Diary of a Job Search

  1. On 9/10/2009 after 17 years of dedicated service I found myself suddenly unemployed. It was a liberation, after the shock and polite parting gift.

    That liberation allowed me to think about what I wanted and whether or not I wanted to do it here. Age and a mix of other emotions set in and I questioned everything.

    It is not quite 9 years later and I have been working at a job that has helped me to realize just how little I had been inspired. For the creative types that is poison. I grew professionally, financially, and unfortunately, corporeally…but I have done great things. I work hard and feel appreciated…by me. I learned so much in the initial 17 years, but this last 6 years have been quite a journey.

    Go forth William and question everything.
    Explore and discover…but write that book.

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