Monkey Quick Take – My IOS Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting!

Another little tidbit that this simian stumbled across is related to the frustration of using a HotSpot on an IOS device to provide network support to another device (MacBook, PC, iPad, etc.).

In this case, it’s not so much a fix as it is a band-aid.  Here’s the symptom:

You turn on your Hot Spot on your IOS device.  You then connect another device to your HotSpot.  It works just fine until you let your non-Hot-Spot device sit idle for a few minutes.  It then disconnects and won’t reconnect to your iOS Hot Spot until you turn the Hot Spot off and back on again.  This seems to occur whether or not your Hot Spot device is connected to power (but more so if not connected).

What I’ve found is that if, once your second device connects to  your IOS Hot Spot, you turn OFF Bluetooth on that Hot Spot device, the connection will stay in place much longer.  That is, it will tolerate idle time without dropping the connection.

Now this isn’t perfect, and I’ve had it still drop the connection intermittently or after a long while, but it helps.

Note: this appears to be related to the iPhone’s internal processes meant to save battery life.  And apparently, when you switch off Bluetooth (also a battery-draining process), the iPhone will maintain the HotSpot connection (and SSID broadcast) much longer.

Hope this helps!  Eeeep!


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