The Unrepairable Apple Watch – Rest in Peace

Oh no.  No no no.  What a world!  My Apple Watch!

If you’ve read my previous posts, you saw where I received an Apple Watch for my birthday a few years back, despite not having asked for one.  And then I reported on how I’d slowly become attached to it.  It definitely became something that I had come to rely on.  It helped with navigation (Apple Maps), taking phone calls when my hands were full, responding to text messages, calculating tips, checking mail, reminders of upcoming meetings and paying for meals.   Oh, Apple Pay is so much easier to use via the Apple Watch.

So what happened?

I had convinced myself that I didn’t need a screen protector.  Oh, the screen had gotten scratched and banged up, but it was still fine.  And then it happened.

I rarely leave my Apple Watch anywhere except on its charging dock on a bedroom cabinet.  The floor in there is wooden and the charging station is secure.  It was never a problem.

But on this fateful day, I left my Watch on the kitchen counter, above a tile floor – four feet above a tile floor.   Upon pulling some papers from the counter, I pushed the watch off the counter.  It flipped face down and hit the tile floor flat on its face, with a SKSSHHHKRT sound.  There was no doubt in my mind.


And that’s the proof.  As with most Apple devices, the screen still works, but each time I swipe it, little pieces of glass flick off.   The screen definitely needs replacement.   Sounds straightforward, right?

Well, the cost to repair an Apple Watch at the Apple Store is $199.  And guess what, a replacement Series 2 watch from Amazon is $229.  Hmm….

The cost to purchase a replacement screen is $99.  Replacing the screen is not an easy effort.  As with most Apple devices, the interiors are glued and taped, and require a heat gun (or hair dryer) to remove the screen from the device (by melting the glue in place).

I’ve had a 50% success rate in replacing a broken screen in my iPads.  One worked well, but the other I tore the antenna and so it won’t join any wireless networks without being six inches from the wireless router.   That was on very large devices.  The videos I’ve watched on about replacing a broken Apple Watch screen are scary and daunting.

So what am I going to do?

New Apple Watch models are announced around September of each year and it’s darned near September.  Am I going to buy a new Series 4 if they’re announced?

Maybe.   Or maybe I’ll buy an older Series 3.  But no matter what, the screen protector will be part of the purchase.

But be warned – if you own an Apple Watch, don’t be foolish like me.  Buy a screen protector.



Give me your thoughts!

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